Dan's Artisan Bakery,LLC

So "Dirty" Chocolate Croissant

Price: $4.99

Ingredients: So "Dirty" Chocolate Croissant is made with European French Flour, along with rich French Butter, and dipped in Belgian chocolate ganache , then sprinkled with Valrhona Poundre De Cacao (100% Cocoa Powder) 

Description: The So "Dirty" Chocolate Croissant brings the richness of the Belgian chocolate, and the crispiness of the croissant together in an effortless yet delicious way

Goddess' Kiss 

Price: $8.99

Choices: Rich Big Red


            Light Delicate Pink

Ingredients: Valrhona Mariage De Grands Crus Guanaja 70% Noir Dark Chocolate, with Passion Fruit imported from France

Description: The Delicate Pastry; The Goddess' Kiss is fashioned together with the richness of dark chocolate mousse, and tied with the mouth watering sweet and sourness of passion fruit

Salted Caramel Cinnamon Roll

Price: $3.99

Ingredients: The Salted Caramel Cinnamon Rolls contains, the incredibly soft, and delicate hand-made dough, packed in with rich butter imported from France along with grounded cinnamon from Saigon sprinkled on top of; French sea salted caramel made from our "La Rose Patisserie" secret recipe.  

Description: Our Salted Caramel Cinnamon Rolls will satisfy even the most critical sweet-tooth customer. Our rich French butter is perfectly embodied by our hand-made delicate and fluffy dough. Along with each bite you take you will taste the sweet yet savory flavor of our Saigon imported cinnamon mixed perfectly with the our French sea salted caramel; one of our specialty

Heart Vanilla Cream Puff

Price: $4.99

Ingredients: French imported butter, Madagascar vanilla bean, and softly whipped delicate crème chantilly 

Description: The cutesy heart shaped vanilla cream puff is a favorite to all our customers. The cream puff is made with our signature French imported butter (as always), our Madagascar vanilla bean, and finally topped with hand-made, perfectly lightly sweetened crème chantilly. Our Heart Shaped Vanilla Cream Puff brings back the sweet and innocent memories of childhood with just one bite. 

Bleu Lover 

Price: $8.99

Ingredients: Dark chocolate mousse made from Valrhona Mariage De Grands Crus Guanaja 70% Noir Dark Chocolate, and lychee rose puree imported from France

Description: The flawlessly crafted pastry; The Bleu Lover is made with bittersweet dark chocolate mousse that surrounds the perfectly balanced sweet and tart taste of the lychee puree imported from France.

L' Amour

Price: $7.99

Ingredients: L' Amour; A vanilla spongecake covered with rich Belgian white chocolate mousse, the drizzled with pink strawberry puree imported from France

Description: The romantic pastry: the L' Amour is a Valentine's Day staple. Just in the very first bite you will be able to taste the sweetness of the strawberry puree that accompanies the vanilla sponge cake effortlessly as the white chocolate mousse is the perfect amount of richness

French Butter Croissant 

Price: $ 3.50

Ingrediants:  Our famous French Butter Croissant is made with rich French butter, delicate French imported flour, with French sea salt 

Description: The classic French Butter Croissant comes with a crispy yet flaky texture, with a detailed taste of rich French butter, and lastly tied together with a slight accent of French sea salt

Croissant Aux Amande

Price: $3.99

Ingredients: Our Croissant Aux Amande is made with rich French butter, delicate French imported flour, stuffed with French vanilla almond paste, with French sea salt

Description: Our hand-made Croissant Aux Amande has the same delicious taste of a crispy and flaky texture of our French Butter Croissant ,  and in addition to richness of our French butter, we stuffed this croissant with our hand-made French vanilla almond paste